The "I Love Mama Soup because..." contest ended on Valentine's Day 2012 and our winners are listed below! With an outstanding 60 entries, the decision was not an easy one but the Mama Soup family collectively voted on our favorite responses.

1st Place

If you had to ask why I love Mama's Soup then you never had it!

Our 1st Place winner donated his prize (a $30 Mama Soup Gift Certificate) to our Student Employees from the Gersh Academy.

2nd Place

Your Chili is yummy and your Goulash too. When I think of delicious soup I think of you. Your soup fills my tummy and warms my soul. When its all gone I wish I had another bowl. Pumpkin Pie, Tomato, Lentil and Potato Leek. There is so much goodness for everyone to seek. As if the soup isn't enough, you have Grilled Cheese croutons too. That is why Mama Soup WE LOVE YOU.

3rd Place

Your Mama's Soups cannot be beat, We eat them all the time. They're healthy and nutritious, and find them all sublime. But then to top them off, and make our lunch complete, We add your great rice pudding, WOW, what a treat!

1st Runner Up

It fills me up without making me fat! (with a very nice stick figure drawing to go with it)

2nd Runner Up

It is hearty, filling, and delicious; for that reason our lunch orders are always abundant and repetitious!

Honorable Mention

If beauty and healthy you want to keep, Mama Soup you need to eat!

Honorable Mention

I love Mama Soup because it is

Mouth Watering








Our entire staff believes this soup can cure any ailment, feed the soul, lift the spirit, and can just plain satisfy anybody. We look forward to new and current specials that are offered at your fabulous establishment.

Thank you to everyone that participated in our Valentines Day contest. We love all of our customers and we appreciate all the nice things that so many people had to say about Mama Soup!

Valentine's Day Contest 2012